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Quilting is my passion. It's what I do when the kids are in bed, when there's a few spare moments through the course of the day, when I need a break and a moment to recharge. It's also my creative outlet.

I have found that in the world of quilting, there are really cute – sometimes “too cute” - baby quilts and large quilts. Not a lot of quilts are designed for twin beds. Yes, you can adjust the design, but it will look different in the end. You may lose design elements by chopping off the sides. Blocks may need to be resized. And depending on the design, you may have to refigure border elements.

I like big baby quilts. Baby quilts that will fit a toddler bed the way a regular quilt fits a regular bed. With drop and good design for the size of the bed. These quilts I prefer to have more classic design and color. I tend not to use nursery prints but may use a nursery print as inspiration for the colors, then put away the nursery print. When the child is done using the quilt on her bed, then it becomes a blanket big enough to curl up in. Something to sit in a chair and read a favorite book with.

I married my high school sweetheart and we have four children: two girls and two boys.

My daughters are not the froo-froo and frilly type. Well, one isn’t, and the other doesn’t mind a little. But it is hard to find little girl quilts that aren’t “too cute” for the girls. We always tweak something.

My oldest, a daughter, is like me. She doesn’t like frill or froo-froo. She, however, is at the opposite end of the colorphobe spectrum. I’m breaking loose from colorphobe world, and she loves what she calls the “fire colors”. She designs some beautiful quilts, sews projects on her own and is knitting now, too.

Our next daughter loves purple in just the right shade. She would add the brighter pastels quicker to her color palette. She's also been learning to knit.

Our next child... A little boy who combines every shade of green imaginable. EVERY shade. He makes no preference. He loves rockets and models and especially Legos! Oh, and every scrap piece of paper floating around turns into a paper airplane.

The not-so-little guy loves the color blue. He also enjoys rockets, models, and Legos. He has also staked claim to every teddy bear in the house. They're all squished in his bed with him.

HandyMan…. oh, the hubby…. the hardest man to get any opinions out of when it comes to what he would like for a quilt for us. So, I’m not asking his opinion and doing what I want. He does a beautiful job refinishing wood furniture and work hard to provide for the Kids and I. He is the best!

I get easily distracted by another design or idea floating around in my head. But I prefer to have several different projects at several different stages of progress. That way, if I have a few minutes here or there through the day, I can work on something. Hand work for the TV watching evenings. Something that can travel. Something for the machine.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to drop me an email.

Happy Quilting!


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